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it begins… | zephyr sunrise

it begins…

i think we found it. i am pretty sure we found it. our new home. a 2008 32′ Class A Itasca Sunrise motorhome.

chris and i have been talking about taking an extended road trip across the great american landscape for almost 10 years. 1 year (give or take a month or two), a 15 month old stowaway, and the open road. what are we thinking?! we are thinking if we never try it we will always wonder. we are thinking a simpler life with less “stuff” sounds like an appealing challenge. we are thinking there is so much beauty to explore in the natural and human landscape of our dear country (and our neighbor to the north, known affectionately around our house as “Canada – America’s hat”). we are thinking maybe we will hate it and want to strangle each other after a week, but there’s only one way to find out.

Our plan (loosely) is to leave in a couple of months, when the weather here goes from extremely glorious to just plain ol’ glorious (again, what are we thinking?!) and head out to see the south part of the country first, when the rest of the country is cold and has a thin layer of slush everywhere. we will map out a route to visit any place we ever wanted to and stop to see our friends and family that live along the way. Forks, WA? Hello Edward! Mount Rushmore? I’ve heard it’s not all it’s cracked up to be but I can’t pass it up. Florida Keys? Harry Potter Land? Gettysburg? yes. yes. yes. yes to all of that and so much more. yes to small drawers and 4 spice jars instead of 40 and laundromats and strange dialects and real weather and a different place to play every week and, well i could go on but i’m sure i’ve made my point.

am i scared? oh yes. i love our life. i love how close we are to our parents and so many friends. i love our apartment. i don’t know if we will ever have a more awesome place to live than where we live now. i don’t think i will ever have the closet space i have now! but putting things in perspective has been a welcome part of the challenge for me so far. what really matters? clothes and shoes? or an incredible adventure with my husband and young son?

i am a planner. i don’t really like surprises. as chris learned today, i like to know all the directions before i turn the car on. so to set out on this journey of discovery of America is not just going to be about what we see and who we meet along the way, but about who we are and who we want to become. i already know it’s going to be a lot of work. i am trying to think of every challenge we will run into so I won’t be surprised. but I know surprises are inevitable, and I am trying to grasp that and embrace it.

this blog will be our home away from home. chris and i will both be updating it. it’s named after our favorite boy and our new house on wheels. we will be sure and post pics when we can. please keep in touch with us! and if you have any good suggestions of things to do/places to go/food we can’t pass up on the way, let us know!

  • Tracy

    I could not be more proud and more excited for you guys!!! I love how big your balls are! To pick up and go on an adventure! You are so rad and will totally be the way cooler parents compared to all of Z’s friends. That little man is going to see first hand what it looks like to have a dream and go after it, what an amazing gift to give your son! I cannot wait to see pictures and hear about all the awesome fights you guys are going to have, it’s like a year long marriage counseling session! You guys are going to be rockstars in a year and have all sorts of wisdom for the rest of us. I am so so excited and cannot wait to stalk you online oh and you better come and visit me! Love you all