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details | zephyr sunrise


there’s a lot more to this new adventure than climbing in our new coach and setting out on the open road. first we had to decide which kind of RV we wanted… a Class C (the kind with the bunk over the drivers seat), a 5th wheel (the trailer that hooks into your truck bed), a bus? we decided on a Class A… because it just felt the most appropriate for our plan. then we had to decide how big we wanted it, what kind of floorplan we liked (very important), make/model/year, stuff like that. kinda like buying a new car and a new house all in one. we found our 2008 Itasca Sunrise at Mike Thompson RV in Santa Fe Springs on the way home from a disappointing trip to another RV gathering at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (another dealer we had visited was supposedly compiling all their inventory at the Rose Bowl for a week to sell stuff in a big way but when we got there – in the 110 degree heat, mind you – they only had stuff we had already seen on their regular lot). We also knew we wanted to pull a car behind the RV (called a TOWD, pronounced “toad)… who knew so few cars were towable? We had a 2011 Kia Sorento, which we could not tow, so we went to work (when i say “we,” i mean chris) trying to figure out just the right car. one with trunk space for a stroller and extra stuff. one with all-wheel drive. one we can drive when we come home. the choices were slim, but that made the process a little quicker than finding the right RV. we ended up with a 2012 all-wheel drive Honda CRV in “twilight blue.” not my first choice of color but apparently all-wheel drive CRVs are hard to come by in SoCal so we went with what we could get… it’s sort of a dark periwinkle. it’s not as bad as that sounds, promise.

now that our two new major purchases are out of the way, there are so many little details to take care of. like where in the world are we going to store the stuff we wanna keep? part of this whole process and adventure is to get rid of most of our worldly possessions and really simplify life. but we most likely will not be on the road forever and it makes sense to keep SOME stuff. we are avoiding a storage unit (and therefore saving $$) and keeping some stuff at our parents’ houses. my mom is taking our big ol’ couch and some coffee tables. chris’s parents get our king mattress and zeph’s crib and dresser. i mentioned that we were going to sell zeph’s bedroom furniture, but it’s nice and we get a whole room to set it up in at chris’ parents’ house, so it will feel like a home base for us and zeph can still sleep in his bed until we leave.

what’s left to do? we need to move our stuff out of the apartment, sell it, store it at our parents’ places, donate it, loan it out, or trash it. going through everything in your house is so overwhelming and so cleansing at the same time. and as much as i love books, i will probably never buy one again in my life. i thought awhile back i’d never be able to convert to a Kindle or an iPad or Nook, but man are they convenient! real books are heavy and take up so much space… and they attract BUGS. gross.

i think zeph senses something is up. we’ve gotten rid of some of our furniture, and he’s been spending more time with his grandmas lately so we can go out and get the RV/car/etc. and he’s teething (3 molars at once… no thanks!) so he’s kind of a wreck. still a sweet little 15 month old, but all about mommy (which i love) and a bit more fussy than usual. ok, way more fussy than usual. i can’t help but wonder if he feels the change in the air. i know he will adapt just fine, but part of me does feel a little guilty for taking him so far away from everything and everyone he’s comfortable with. i know this trip will be good for him, good for all of us, good for our little family of three. and it’s been really funny to tell people we meet or know of our plans. everyone says “so, wait…” followed by a stream of questions. “where are you going first?” “what are you doing with all your stuff?” “what about christmas?” (from the moms.) we don’t have all the details worked out yet (like our itinerary) but things are slowly coming together. we really do want recommendations of awesome places to stay/see/eat… let us know what you recommend! maybe we’ll show up on your front door!

our new home

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    What a beaute. WOW! She’s gorg! Livin’ and ridin’ in STYLE!!