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hitting home | zephyr sunrise

hitting home

we bought it. our new home. it’s ours. you don’t realize all the logistics of an undertaking like this adventure until you start moving the pieces around. we have a motor home. so now we are going. this means we have to store/sell/donate most of our belongings. we don’t want to pay for a storage unit so we are trying to find homes for the stuff we want to keep for when we get back. my mom is taking our couch. we are selling zeph’s crib and dresser (his crib is a sleigh crib and we really found it to be a bit bulky for our liking so we were gonna get a new crib when the next kid came around anyways). we have to sell our fridge! for some reason this really made stuff hit home. why the fridge? what’s the big deal? we purchased the fridge from our dear friends rob and natalie before they moved to nashville about 5 years ago. maybe it’s that… this fridge has history. it became ours when rob and nat made such a huge transition in their lives. and now it’s our turn to sell the fridge. it’s nothing special, really. just a big white fridge. it’s done us well for these years we have had it. it makes funny gurgling noises when it makes ice. it has a big gash in the side from the stairs when we moved it into allie’s apartment when she borrowed it for awhile. it has pictures of our friends and family all over it. zeph loves looking at these pics. i hold him up and he points to all the different people and i tell them who those people are. Papa. Auntie Noel. Auntie Allie. Zoe. Mima (my mom). Uncle Reggie. Killian. Sydney. Natalie. Baby Viola. Baby Emmarie. Holly and Izzy. The list goes on and on. Between this and magnetic letters, Zeph can be entertained for awhile. So maybe I am being overly sentimental, but this fridge kinda means a lot to me. It’s probably just representative of what we leave behind when we go. I told one of my closest friends, Marisa, today that we are leaving soon on our adventure around the country. She said she was excited for us, and jealous. And I could hear in her voice she was sad. And I was sad, because I know I will have to say good-bye to her. And everyone else we love. Not forever, but it’s not so convenient to run over to Chris’s parents house to let zeph swing or go in the blow up pool while Ron barbeques some burgers if we are in New Orleans or New Mexico. So I see that we are leaving behind some really important things: our people. I guess in all the excitement and romance of “getting out of dodge” I didn’t really anticipate this. Don’t get me wrong, I am still so excited, but I will be excited to return home for visits and to replant our roots eventually if that’s what we decide to do. Ironically, it was the fridge that brought this all up and not going through my closet to clear out about 1/2 of my clothes that I own. By the way, anyone want to buy a fridge?