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gone, gone, gone | zephyr sunrise

gone, gone, gone

the stuff is clearing out of our house. our dining room table and red stools to our friends jon and heather. bookshelves to my brother and his family. a closet worth of clothes to my mom, sisters-in-law and friends. books, oh books… still working on that. it truly is amazing how much we have accumulated in the almost 9 years we’ve been married. stuff that, when you are forced to get rid of it, doesn’t really make you sad to see it go.

something i have been meaning to bring up: i was an english major in college. i mention this because my proper capitalization and such on this blog is somewhat… lacking. it’s on purpose, i swear! i just want this to be free-flowing, if it’s driving you nuts that this is so – mmmm – sloppy, i can relate. i totally auto-correct other people’s stuff in my head when they have an apostrophe in the wrong place. but i am learning to accept that i am not an editor and am far from perfect so i really shouldn’t judge. šŸ˜‰

we took zephyr to the petting zoo in San Juan for the first time today. he wasn’t really interested in the bunnies or guinea pigs so much. he went on a pony ride and tried to get chris, who was walking beside him, to take him out of the saddle the whole time. he rode a little train with his cousins (chris rode it too) and seemed to like that a little more. he did feed some donkeys that looked like dirty zebras some carrot sticks. and his favorite part was the giant sandbox that was filled with extra large corn kernels instead of sand. he and his cousins (my brother pj and his family came with us) stayed in that cornbox for almost an hour just filling containers up with corn. pj, mom and i even got in. it was sort of therapeutic in a weird way… the way the cool corn felt between your toes was like getting a foot rub. we asked one of the employees how they cleaned the cornbox. he said they lysol the heck out of it every morning then shovel it around to get the lysol all mixed in. he said the only issue with having one in a backyard is the rats. apparently they like corn. seemed like a must-have until he mentioned that. no cornbox on the road for us!

we are putting our 30 day notice in on aug 31st on our apartment. i have mixed feelings about this. i love where we live. it’s been a real haven for us. i’ll post a pic of our view soon, i don’t have any on the computer at the moment. it’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to this place, and to our “normal” life. BUT i am ready for our adventure at the same time. we parked the beast of an RV on the side of my mom’s house yesterday. there are like 3 inches on either side in places, my stepdad even had to remove part of the rain gutter to get it to fit. what kind of parents remove a rain gutter on their house so you can shove a giant piece of metal on their property?! good parents, that’s what kind. all of our parents are extremely supportive of this trip. even though it means they won’t see their grandson for awhile, which i know breaks their hearts. we all live in the same town (except my dad and stepmom, and they are only an hour away) so everyone gets their fair share of zephyr. i keep telling them they will just have to fly or drive to meet up with us so they can see him. šŸ™‚

  • Stacy

    Here’s to the adventure of a lifetime! So proud of your spontaneity and reaching your dreams. God bless you on your journey… I know He will. <3