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September | 2012 | zephyr sunrise

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Transition, Transition

Ahhhhhhhh. The move is done, for the most part. Man, I don’t think there is anything more stressful than moving! (Maybe having your first baby and making sure they survive beats moving, but that’s all I can come up with.) We have been at Chris’s parents’ house for about 5 days now. This morning I…

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Yes, I’m still here

I was really good for a few weeks about posting updates. Now that moving is officially “on” I am buried in responsibilities and dishes and who knew a bathroom could accumulate so much CRAP? (Pun not intended, but kinda funny anyways.) On the bright side we do have our first outing with the new home…

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A Whole New (Camping) World

Today we ventured to a different world. Camping World is the Walmart of camping stores. The amount of useless items was quite a sight. Really? A fan you wear as a necklace? Like, as in decoration and function coming together in a marriage of usefulness and good-lookingness? Sounds super unnecessary, but could possibly make working…

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Laborious Labor Day

Chris read the blog last night. He said it needed less words and more pictures. So here are some interior pics of the RV… forgive me if the pics are janky and the way the photos get laid out is wonky, I’m still a total rookie at this whole blog thing… First thing I did…

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reading material

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movie break

We got to go on a date last night with our lovely friends here from Arizona, Alonzo and Molly (and thank you to our fabulous and adorable babysitter, Kylie, Zephyr’s new love). We saw “Bourne Legacy,” which was not as good as the other three. Jeremy Renner was likable and less serious than Matt Damon,…

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