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movie break | zephyr sunrise

movie break

We got to go on a date last night with our lovely friends here from Arizona, Alonzo and Molly (and thank you to our fabulous and adorable babysitter, Kylie, Zephyr’s new love). We saw “Bourne Legacy,” which was not as good as the other three. Jeremy Renner was likable and less serious than Matt Damon, which was good and bad all at once. There was one of those pointless shooting everyone in the room scenes, which I am so much more sensitive to since the Batman tragedy in Aurora.

On a lighter note when Z went down for his nap today, “Julie and Julia” was on E! Network so I took a little break from reality and indulged. It’s a cute, simple movie which made me very hungry (luckily I had a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie in my purse that I had the foresight to buy when we were out at breakfast this morning). It also made me a bit emotional. I think Zephyr isn’t the only one around here that’s feeling the weight and movement of change in our lives. I keep looking outside at the waves below us, the turquoise ocean and wonder “why?” but then I am also so excited to see things I have never seen before. I think just sitting in our house with mess all around me, piles of stuff to keep, stuff to pack, stuff to get rid of, there’s an unsettledness that I’d like to just be rid of and be on the road already! But a wise woman once told me that half the fun of anything is the anticipation so I’m going to enjoy the bit of momentary chaos, darn it. I also think I need to cook more and better. I enjoy baking immensely, but am not a fan of touching raw meat (sounds so princessy, but I really can’t help it) and doing all the dishes at the end of a meal. With as much access as we have to any and all recipes via apps from Food Network and Epicurious and downloadable cookbooks, this is somewhat of a waste in my head. So I am challenging myself to cook on the road as often as possible for my captive audience of one and a half. Don’t know where to start, or what utencils and supplies I will bring (a Kitchenaid mixer and food processor and Vitamix are practical in an RV, right?) but I don’t want to be the mom who can’t cook. You should see our microwave/convection oven, it’s so… small. I’ll have to get 1/2 baking sheets and bring only square Pyrex dishes, no rectangular ones. Since I am only going to be cooking for two.point.five people this should work just fine. Anybody who wants to post their favorite recipes would be welcome to do so! That is, if anyone is reading this… I still haven’t really shared this blog with most of our friends and family.

oh, the kid’s awake. gotta run!