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Laborious Labor Day | zephyr sunrise

Laborious Labor Day

Chris read the blog last night. He said it needed less words and more pictures. So here are some interior pics of the RV… forgive me if the pics are janky and the way the photos get laid out is wonky, I’m still a total rookie at this whole blog thing…

First thing I did to make this motorhome feel more like our home is make our bed. I’ll probably change the quilt out, but at least it’s our quilt and not the ugly bedspread that came with the RV and feels like it was stolen out of a cheap motel. Chris says this quilt makes the motorhome feel more like Grandma’s home, but he will deal with it. 🙂Image

Next I hung pics of some friends and family on our fridge. If you’re not up there, don’t be sad, I’m not quite finished and maybe I just don’t have a pic of you (hint hint). Image

This picture was taken from the front of the inside of the RV, to give you an idea of what the salon area looks like. The slide on the right hand side is not out, so once that’s out we get about 2-3 more feet of floor space, which makes a huge difference. Image

Chris and I were running around like crazy today trying to get our new home outfitted for our maiden voyage (not sure when that will be exactly). I think Chris went to the hardware store at least 4 times today. He built a really cool wood plank to block off the inside stairs so Zeph doesn’t fall down them. And the screens pop out of the windows in the RV if you look at them sideways so Chris is coming up with a plan for that as well. And we needed some sort of screen lock to keep the screen door closed a bit better than it stays closed now. I brought over 3 loads of decorations, sheets, blankets, kitchen necessities and other STUFF. There was a really ugly iron art thing on the back wall of the bedroom that I unscrewed, and I swapped out a pic in the bathroom of a boring flower for this cool print of a pic of the surf at our home break so we can take it with us. 🙂

So much for less words. Maybe next time. Happy Labor Day!

  • I am sure there is a pic of you up there… In the shadows. If not, let’s take one to put up there!