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Transition, Transition | zephyr sunrise

Transition, Transition

Ahhhhhhhh. The move is done, for the most part. Man, I don’t think there is anything more stressful than moving! (Maybe having your first baby and making sure they survive beats moving, but that’s all I can come up with.) We have been at Chris’s parents’ house for about 5 days now. This morning I asked Chris how he felt about being in our new “digs” over breakfast. He looked at me, smiled and said “I kinda LIKE it!” “Me too!” I said. It was funny. I think the two extra sets of eyes to watch Zeph for a few minutes when one of us has to pee or run to the car to grab something really makes everything so much easier. No wonder so many other cultures live with their families! Maybe we should just live here forever… Ron? Kathy?

I am really, well, proud is not the exact right word, but yeah kinda proud of myself. Those of you that saw my closet at our apartment will be impressed to see how I’ve simplified down to this: Image

This is 1/2 the size of my last closet and I still have shelves for storing crafty stuff. As much as I miss having a bazillion sweatshirts I am surviving just fine with 4 or 5.  Especially in the recent heat. What the heck, it’s fall already!

There are fun things about moving too, like going through old papers and pictures to see what can go and what stays. I found some random stuff. An old journal I made when my buddy Anne and I were summer camp counselors:


A CD signed by Jason Mraz before he got big, and his old bandmate Toca. Jason opened for a Lisa Loeb concert my friend Kate and I went to in San Diego and I’ve been a massive fan ever since.


A birthday card from Marisa that still makes me laugh:


And I still have 2 tubs of pictures to go through. Not that I’m going to throw any away, I just want to try and repack them into one tub maybe. Chris’s parents and my mom and stepdad have been amazing through this process, watching Z, letting us put our crap everywhere, feeding us, etc. Life feels like it’s returning to normal in our temporary abode and I think Zeph is having a wonderful time at Grandma and Papa’s. We all had a dance party in the kitchen last night after dinner. Zeph has got rhythm (not inherited from my side of the family)!

The piles of stuff in the garage can no longer be avoided. Must. Organize. Until next time!