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October | 2012 | zephyr sunrise

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It’s Halloween! (on my phone, at least)

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. I don’t do scary very well. Maybe you’d disagree with me if you saw my hair some mornings. Scary things are not enjoyable to me. About 15 years ago Jamie and I (and our boyfriends of the moment) went to Knott’s Scary Farm and to this day I…

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A Sick Baby and Some Really Good Tacos

This is how we spent our Sunday morning. Zeph had a fever from Wednesday afternoon ranging from 99 to 103.4 degrees through Saturday night. I had taken him to Kaiser in Oxnard on friday to get his ears checked, he’d been pulling on his left ear like crazy. The doctor I saw was very nice…

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A Day on the Dunes

Last night at our current campground was so quiet! Not much wind, and we are far away from any major roads (as opposed to being camped next to Pacific Coast Highway, as we were at our last location), not too cold (or too hot), this place is great! Today felt especially calm after the craziness…

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Mom – A Story

Hi guys, up until now you have only heard from Erin on the blog, well today that all changes. My first official post…and it may seem like I’m more of a girl than my wife! When we come into this world we really only have a few things just by the nature of being born….

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2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Test

Well. Today was just one of those days. Early this morning there was a crazy wind/sand storm, so Chris had to do some checking things out around 5am in what he said was sand blowing sideways. I woke up around the time he was moving around in the RV, becuase I thought there was an…

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First Test

Chris and I have a favorite RV blog, www.wheelingit.wordpress.com. We came across it a couple of months ago while googling different RV info. This site (run by a traveling couple that have been “full-timers” in their RV for a few years now I think) is like a gold mine for all things motor home. I’m…

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Hours of Enjoyment for All

My mom got Zeph this little book of Thomas the Tank Engine characters, with a play mat and a few mini toys. Zephyr is obsessed! He goes to bed saying “choo choos” (actually it sounds more like “chew chews”) and wakes up and wants to go to play choo choos first thing! He will sit…

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