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Maiden voyage! | zephyr sunrise

Maiden voyage!

We have ventured out on our first trip in our new wheeled abode. We decided to come to Julian for a few days to test out the coach and figure out what we need for the “real” trip in a month or so. First on the list: DustBuster! I totally didn’t think to pack any sort of vacuum. Would have been helpful to suck up all the Cheerios Zeph threw around the MoHo from his carseat while we were en route. Happily I can say that’s about as crazy as things got whilst on the road. Before we left town there was an incident with a glass jar of garlic-roasted bell peppers falling from a cabinet and splaying themselves all over the kitchen and bathroom floor. Somehow the jar didn’t break but the MoHo did smell like a decent Mexican restaurant for a few hours. Nothing a little maple pumpkin spray couldn’t cover up!
Now we are here, fed delicious BBQ from a place in town, pie (apple, of course – when in Rome…) and ice cream in the fridge waiting, baby asleep, and Chris and I wondering what now? Organize? Figure out the satellite tv? Orrrrr… Take pictures of each other with ridiculous paper mustache and eyeglasses props. Insert picture here: oh wait, I’m blogging from my phone and don’t know how to do that yet! Working on it, peeps.
The wind is gusting like crazy outside. It’s loud and feels like a small earthquake every few minutes. It’s kinda fun/annoying/scary all at once. It’s supposed to die down tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow: pick apples! We didn’t plan it this way on purpose, but tomorrow is opening day of apple picking season apparently. Looking forward to the festivities!