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A Few Good Days | zephyr sunrise

A Few Good Days

We are driving down the 78 west toward home. Suunday was a day of fun with my brother PJ, sister in law Dani and their 4 awesome kids. They came to check out the RV and then we went to a pumpkin patch in Ramona. There were all sorts of farm animals and a maze and pony rides, we all had a great (and dirty) time. Zephyr’s hands were black when we got in the car. We did not bring home any pumpkins. Round shaped items and rolling homes don’t mix!
Yesterday morning we left our campsite just outside of Julian and parked the rig (which Chris informed me he and his sister Jen have nicknamed “The Rolling Turd” – it IS brown) at Chris’ Uncle David and Aunt Cary’s house. David and Cary’s is one of our favorite places to visit for a night because they always have good food, nice dogs, warm comfy beds and clean towels! Oh, and they are pretty much awesome too. While the boys went out gambling, Cary and I hung out on our porch (their driveway) after Z went to bed. We drank tea and chatted about life and how to design a nice kitchen and then we heard this loud dog-like running and breathing. I thought maybe their giant
Rodesian Ridgeback Charlie got out. Cary knew better. She jumped up and said “you’d better go inside, that’s coyotes.” I didn’t argue, just handed her my empty tea cup and climbed the stairs and shut and locked the RV door! I heard the coyotes howling in the street very shortly after. I texted Cary to make sure she survived her 20 foot walk to her door (she did), then started reading “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. More on that later…
We are camping close to home for a few nights, looking forward to having family and friends come see us and our new home!