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It’s Fall! | zephyr sunrise

It’s Fall!

Ahhhhh! Fresh air. A decent rain. Thunder and lightning. Rainbows. Pumpkin ice cream with ginger cookies. Boots. Sweaters. Welcome, Autumn, old friend.

This is the sunset at Doheny State Beach last night before the rain. We ended up crashing at Chris’s parents’ house last night (they feed us and have endless warm water and 2-ply toilet paper, luxuries I’m appreciating after camping for a week). It’s probably a good thing, because when Chris went to our campsite this morning the RV (Rolling Turd) was surrounded by 3 or 4 inches of water on all sides. And our site was one of the better ones! Our next-site neighbors had water up to their pop-up trailer’s door.
We are still preparing for our big departure some time in November. Chris installed a Thule (I learned it’s pronounced “tool-ee”) roof storage compartment on the CRV (plenty of room for the specially ordered 1-ply toilet paper – a must for the pipes in the Moho). Zephyr and his Grandma Kathy watched DaDa at work.

Wanted to post a couple of pictures of our weather today. The best part about the storm is the free carwashes for the CRV (which needs a name) and the Turd!


We crashed at Ron and Kathy’s again tonight for some tacos and a good seat for the VP debates. I try not to get too political so I gave Zeph a bath while the grown-ups watched the show. I’m not saying I don’t care what they have to say, I’m just saying this ain’t that kind of blog (you’re welcome).
Tomorrow we have to depart from Doheny (the Moho leaves Doho) and aren’t sure of our next move. Either park it back at Mom’s or head north to Big Sur area, which is a special place for Chris and me. Depends on if we can get a site up there or not! Sleep well, y’all.