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Naptime in the Harbor | zephyr sunrise

Naptime in the Harbor

We are somewhere on the coast north of LA, posted up at a campsite on the beach. It’s a perfect spot for us. Sand and “waayyss” for Zeph (that’s how he says “waves”) to play in, peace and quiet (besides happy toddler sounds) for Chris and me.

Last night i turned my head for 5 seconds to help Chris with something and Zeph decided to decorate the floor with some sweet corn and cherry greek yogurt from one of his squeeze packets. So while i cleaned that up, the boys went outside to play. The sunsets and stars here are amazing.

We’ve been a busy little family since leaving town on Sunday for another trial run before the big trip in a few weeks. Chris is working lots and trying to learn everything “RV” in between. I am attempting to get everything organized so we can maximize our small space.

Today we had to head to town to find a bank and got a cool little surprise at the end of the street we ended up on… A full harbor and bay and someone outfor a sail!

So I’m sitting in the car while Zeph naps and Chris works.

I think we are gonna be ordering a lot of drinks from Mickey D’s in the near future because our favorite game is back! I’ll post an update and more pics soon…




  • That last picture is breathtaking, Z could not look anymore free and happy. Good job parenting Erin!!!! I want to be that happy!!!