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First Test | zephyr sunrise

First Test

Chris and I have a favorite RV blog, www.wheelingit.wordpress.com. We came across it a couple of months ago while googling different RV info. This site (run by a traveling couple that have been “full-timers” in their RV for a few years now I think) is like a gold mine for all things motor home. I’m pretty sure the wife, Nina, does most of the writing, and one of the posts I read was called “five things I wish I knew before moving into an RV” or something like that (it may have been 10 things). One of them was something about being flexible. No, not like being able to pretzel your legs around your head or anything, but, you know, like roll with the punches and stuff. This is not my strong suit. I don’t adapt very quickly. I have a plan in my head, and if we veer from that plan I am thrown off! Chris is super opposite. He loves spur of the moment stuff. We are a good balance I think, but I knew this trip would put me out of my comfort zone.
First test: Zeph has an ear infection. I’m sitting in the Kaiser parking lot in our car in Oxnard, waiting for his appointment in 20 minutes while he snoozes in his carseat. This was not part of today’s plan. We were supposed to be north of here about 2 hours already. But last night when we took Z’s temp and it was almost 102 degrees I knew today was gonna be touch and go. He woke up today still hot so here we are. Obviously I am 1000% ok with making adjustments that are best for my little guy. There’s no Kaiser office where we are heading for a few days so I’m thankful there’s one we could get into before we left town. But maybe you know that feeling of “wait, this is gonna throw everything off. Now what?! Ok, readjust, replan, rearrange. Breathe. The world is not ending.” This is a simplified version of the pep talk I give myself when a wrench is thrown into my plans. I am not neurotic, I can adapt, I’m just wound a little tight most times. I’m hoping this adventure will wear some of that off of me.
Ok, onto much more fun things! Yesterday we hopped on our bikes and rode up PCH. A little sketchy at times, but for the most part there was a wide shoulder and great scenery!




Early last night before we realized Zeph wasn’t 100%, we went for an early dinner at Neptune’s Net. It’s a really mellow, old walk-up-and-order seafood joint on the LA/Ventura county line. And right across PCH was County Line surf break.


Here’s a picture of Chris studying away over an early bowl of cereal this morning. He’s gonna be an RV guru before I know it!


Zeph’s up, his appt is in a few minutes. I’ll check in later!

  • Brooke

    Keep me posted! Love you guys and living vicariously through your adventures!! xoxo

  • Kelly Grant

    Hey Erin and Chris!!!
    You guys are so freakin cool; my only complaint is that i wish with all your cool lookin vintage photos…. there was an audio button that would play some of your acoustic cords, beautiful voices and raw musical ballads!!! I always flashback to your wedding and Chris singing “Green Eyes” … such a beautiful memory.
    Sending Love,
    You Guys (& Gal) Rock!