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2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Test | zephyr sunrise

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Test

Well. Today was just one of those days. Early this morning there was a crazy wind/sand storm, so Chris had to do some checking things out around 5am in what he said was sand blowing sideways. I woke up around the time he was moving around in the RV, becuase I thought there was an earthquake. Turns out it was just the wind but this thing is like a giant sheet on a clothesline in the wind! Just moves all about. We closed the slides on the RV, which helped. Zeph slept through the fun (probably thanks to the fever). This is all not a huge deal but kinda plays into part of the rest of the day…

Rincon County Parkway

Rincon County Parkway Caption

Sooo, as you know from my last entry we got on the road later than intended because of Zeph’s dr appointment (turns out no ear infection, maybe just teething?). Chris had left our campsite at Thornhill Broome at Point Mugu just north of Mailbu in the RV, and headed up the coast a bit to meet up with us once we were done at the doctor’s office. Make a long story short, the rest of the day went like this:
I got lost trying to find where Chris had parked and what should have been a 20 minute trip was over an hour (with a crying and unhappy boy in the backseat).
Upon our reunion, Chris tells me the Moho was leaking a weird (ie: crappy) smell on his earlier drive. Turns out we didn’t nickname it the Rolling Turd for nothin. This is where the sandstorm comes in. Turns out the sideways wind had kind of messed up a fan/vent on the roof for the bathroom, so the smell that was supposed to get routed out of that vent was coming back into the bathroom and throughout the RV. Think of a porta potty. A really big one. Yep, that’s the smell.
We decided to stop and dump the tanks to see if that would help alleviate the stink. We found the closest state park with a dump station (in the absolutely lovely town of Carpenteria – awesome campground with a soft sandy beach).
As we pull into the park the gate guard tells us our driver’s side slide isn’t all the way in. (In case you aren’t familiar with RV terms, a slide is the part of the RV that pops out to make it bigger inside). This is a dangerous problem when driving down the freeway. Any number of things can go wrong. As Chris dumps the tank and I try to get our boy a little exercise (all he’s wanted to do all day is watch movies on the iPad), Chris examines the slide sitch. Turns out there’s a complication with a bracket on the cabinet below the slide that’s getting in the way when closing the slide. So Chris gets the slide to close and lock so we can continue on our journey.
The GPS tells us to get off the 101 to the 154, the San Marcos Pass. Both of us are a bit bewildered as we know our destination is off the 101, but as we can’t preview the route whilst en route, we do what the GPS tells us. Neither of us had ever been up this highway, and we’ve both done our fair share of driving through Cali. As we head up the steep, narrow, forested road we see temporary road signs saying something like “fire ahead, no pass, turn around.” There’s not really any “turning around” in the Turd. Not on a narrow mountain pass! So… We keep going. Turns out there’s a fire, but not where we are driving so we make it down the pass, past Lake Cachuma (it looked beautiful, maybe a future destination) and through the Los Alamos wineries. We were both impressed by the scenery and it was a nice distraction from what was stacking up to be a (literally) crappy day.
We are nearing our destination, Chris decides to pull off for gas/dinner/monopoly at a Chevron/Mickey D’s combo. This 12-ish year old kid approaches Chris while he’s pumping gas and puts the hard sell on some chocolate bars for his “church.” I can’t remember what movie it is where Giovanni Ribisi is a sales guy for some scam stock company (“Boiler Room” maybe?) but I remember the scene where he gets a call from a telemarketer and basically tells the guy on the phone his pitch is all wrong. This scene always pops into my head when a sales person approached Chris. In my head it’s like unknowingly approaching Willy Wonka to sell him some chocolate. Or approaching Alec Baldwin’s character in “Glengarry Glenross.” He, in my mind, is a finely tuned sales instrument. The YoYo Ma of salesmen. So this little boy is trying to hustle Chris to buy some of his chocolate bars and Chris is just pushin this kid for info about everything, and the kid is pushin’ back! After about 7 or 8 minutes of conversation (which I can partially hear from the inside of the RV) they part ways and Chris is down $6 and up 2 chocolate bars. Classic.
Back on the road, we reach our destination. We pull over at the entrance to unhook the CRV, and it WON’T START! Seriously? Yes. Totes supes sers. While I entertain Zeph from losing it in the RV, Chris goes to try and make a new friend… Hopefully one with jumper cables. He brings back Ed, a fellow RVer in the park with cables and a bit more knowledge than we have. “Do you have an extension cord?” Uh, no. Apparently this is a good thing to have in situations like that. Not sure why, since I wasn’t out there working with Chris and Ed. Anyways, Ed and Chris got the car started and Ed went back to his RV up two chocolate bars. Guess life has a funny way of working out, even when it feels like nothing’s working out.
SO: now we are posted up at our new site. Tomorrow is a new day. And from the looks of things at night, this park is gonna have some great and interesting people. Lots of Halloween lights and flagpole lights and net lighting in bushes of different spots. Can’t wait to see it in the daylight!
I included the only picture I took today!

  • Allie

    That sounds like an adventurous and exhausting day – but one you can be proud to tell because you survived it!