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A Day on the Dunes | zephyr sunrise

A Day on the Dunes

Last night at our current campground was so quiet! Not much wind, and we are far away from any major roads (as opposed to being camped next to Pacific Coast Highway, as we were at our last location), not too cold (or too hot), this place is great! Today felt especially calm after the craziness of yesterday’s journey to get here. There are some serious sand dunes close by. We are outside of Pismo Beach, which holds a special place for Chris and me. We came here when we were dating and stayed in the back of his truck and froze our butts off! We came here a few years ago and spent the night (in the back of his truck again – we never learn) parked on the beach at a time when we needed some renewal and relaxation. And now we are here with our son.

I only took about a million pictures today. All with my iPhone. I’ll post some of my favorites. I had an experience today on those dunes, the likes of which I haven’t felt since I was a kid. The dunes here are so vast and empty, and the constant light wind that blows through erases all tracks of any previous visitors within 10 minutes or so. There are no tracks to follow. And in some directions all you can see is dunes. You know the ocean is out there eventually, but which way do you head to get a glimpse? I felt like Louis and Clark, or a pioneer on the Oregon trail – exploring new territory and knowing where I wanted to go but having no clue how to get there. So I ran. I ran up the sandy banks and ran even faster down them. I felt free. I felt uninhibited. I felt tired! It was such a cleansing experience to just be in a wide open space all alone (except for Chris and Zeph) and move around however I wanted to. I am going back tomorrow, in fact we may go back tonight as there’s a meteor shower around midnight supposedly. One of the first things Chris and I did together was watch a meteor shower. Well, that was the plan, but it was too cloudy to see anything that night almost 10 years ago. Hopefully we have better luck tonight. Hopefully we can stay awake!

Ok, time for pictures!

Zeph and Chris cruisin’ the dunes


Runnin’ to catch up again

Flying lessons