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A Sick Baby and Some Really Good Tacos | zephyr sunrise

A Sick Baby and Some Really Good Tacos

Zeph and mama at Urgent Care

This is how we spent our Sunday morning. Zeph had a fever from Wednesday afternoon ranging from 99 to 103.4 degrees through Saturday night. I had taken him to Kaiser in Oxnard on friday to get his ears checked, he’d been pulling on his left ear like crazy. The doctor I saw was very nice but seemed to want to brush off my concerns, and said his ears were fine. As the fever continued through the weekend, Chris and I were both concerned that the doctor missed something. So as the fever reached its peak at midnight on Saturday night (same time as a 5.3 earthquake, centered about 100 miles from where we were camped) we decided to get a second opinion. We found an Urgent Care in San Luis Obispo that took Kaiser (the closest Kaiser was in Bakersfield, about 90 miles away) and drove up there Sunday morning around 9. We got there right before the “rush” of kids with broken wrists and teenagers puking their guts out on the sidewalk (not kidding). The Urgent Care doc was pretty thorough and said Zephyr’s left ear was indeed infected. Chris and I both felt better that we had taken the time to get Zeph looked at again, as the fever for five days just didn’t seem right. And now we had some action to take: antibiotics. I am not a huge fan, but when your baby is sick and they will make him better it is so worth it.

We decided to drive home late yesterday afternoon. We are supposed to take off on our big trip in 2 weeks, and we have lots to do to get ready before then. So we left our awesome campsite at Pacific Dunes Ranch in Oceano around 6 and got back to Grandma and Papa’s house about 11 last night. But not before we got our last dose of our favorite mexican food restaurant in Arroyo Grande, about 3 miles from our campsite.

FrutiLand, home of the best al pastor EVER

We found this place on Yelp while searching for local places to eat. It had great reviews so we tried it out. OH MY GOSH. Growing up in So Cal we have tasted some pretty good mexican food. At this little stand on the side of the road, named for a place in Mexico City where a bunch of food stands of fruits and other various foods are sold, we tasted the best al pastor tacos either one of us had ever experienced.

Magical Hawaiian Al Pastor Tacos

They were so delicious we went back 3 days in a row and ordered the exact same thing. The owner was so sweet, and the vibe there was very low key. If you ever happen to be in that neck of the woods, please make sure you stop here to eat. WOW!

Chris and his giant al pastor torta

Zephyr got in on the action with some cinnamon-fried bananas with strawberry ice cream and caramel sauce

Anyways, enough about food. We are sitting in Chris’s parents’ living room, working away (Chris on real work, me on the blog, Zeph on trying to climb onto the coffee table). We are rearranging the Moho today – taking stuff out we aren’t going to use and putting stuff in we really need (jumper cables!), doing laundry, running errands and getting stuff done. If anything exciting happens, I’ll let ya know!