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It’s Halloween! (on my phone, at least) | zephyr sunrise

It’s Halloween! (on my phone, at least)


Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. I don’t do scary very well. Maybe you’d disagree with me if you saw my hair some mornings. Scary things are not enjoyable to me. About 15 years ago Jamie and I (and our boyfriends of the moment) went to Knott’s Scary Farm and to this day I have no recollection of what happened that night until the ride home. No I was not taking drugs or drunk (not my style), I think I was focused so hard on not being affected by what I saw that night that it was like I didn’t even go. I do remember the crazy amount of fog on the toll road on the way home, which was also scary, but not in a monster/creepy/your neighbor is a serial killer sort of way.
So as you can imagine I don’t go all out for All Hallows Eve. I bought one little mini white pumpkin this year (which I colored with Posca markers to look like Thomas the Tank Engine) and that’s about the extent of it. Toddler costumes are a bit too hard to pass up so I did get Zeph a wearable airplane, in case we want to walk to a few friendly (non-serial killer) neighbor’s houses for trick-or-treating. Well, see that picture above of my adorable son in his airplane costume? As long as it took to take that picture is about how long he wanted to wear the thing. He hates it! Guess he’s following in Mama’s footsteps for this holiday…
A holiday I DO love is Thanksgiving.


Amazing feasts, a time focused on appreciating loved ones, an excuse to wear stretchy sweatpants during the day (they expand with your food intake!). Chris’s mom and I had the idea to celebrate T-Day early this year with her side of the family. This way Chris and Z and I wouldn’t miss out on the family time and the deliciousness, and we could celebrate Chris’s Nana’s birthday (happy birthday Nan!) and see lots of family before we head out.


Zeph and our Aunt Cary

We are still tying up loose ends before we hit the road in a week or two. I am soaking up all the time with friends and family that I can. Chris is working on improving the Moho like crazy… Solar panels go on tomorrow so we can have rechargeable batteries and stay out in the boonies longer without power.

And Zephyr, well he’s just super chatty lately.

One of Zeph’s new favorite activities: coloring!

He says “buh-bye!” and all sorts of hilarious things. When I tell him “you gotta eat this food so you can be big and strong” he follows me up with “Dada!”. At some point I must have told him eating good food makes him big and strong like Dada. He counts when we climb stairs, all the way to 9. He says the names of all the Thomas trains. He says “bless you” when someone sneezes. His favorite word? “No.” Of course. I can’t believe he’s almost one and a half years old. Time doesn’t fly, it gets on a rocket and heads into space at Mach31. That’s fast, people. Just like this little airplane.


  • Meg

    Right there with you with Halloween…but it is rather fun as they get older and you can see how they make it their own special day of dressing up. Cutest pilot! And, my friend, it does indeed go too fast. Hugs

    • Your kids were so adorable last night! I love the creativity of the girls’ costumes. Hope you survived the Hurricane without damage, and hopefully we will be seeing your faces in your neck of the woods sometime in the near future!