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November | 2012 | zephyr sunrise

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Sedona, I Think I Love You

Sedona from the airport overlook So far, on our extensive (sarcasm) ten day trip, if I had to stay somewhere for good it would be Sedona. The red rock formations all around the town/city (not sure which one it qualifies as, population 16,000 or so) are so beautiful. Different times of the day the shadows…

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We’re Not in California Anymore, Toto

We are finally FINALLY really out on the road, beginning our year long (give or take a month or two) journey. After four months of planning, moving, and testing things out, we are on the move! We are five days in, and have already made unforgettable memories and hit a few road bumps. Our first…

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My first driving lesson

Easier than expected, but lots to focus on… Good thing I can multi-task!

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Coming to a Town Near You… Eventually

We were supposed to leave three weeks ago. Yet here I sit, on my in-laws’ living room couch, watching Z play choo-choo’s on the carpet. What happened? Why the delay? Oh no particular reason, just LIFE. My lovely little New Yorker Anne once made a sign for me in junior high. It was a blue…

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