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Coming to a Town Near You… Eventually | zephyr sunrise

Coming to a Town Near You… Eventually

We were supposed to leave three weeks ago. Yet here I sit, on my in-laws’ living room couch, watching Z play choo-choo’s on the carpet. What happened? Why the delay? Oh no particular reason, just LIFE. My lovely little New Yorker Anne once made a sign for me in junior high. It was a blue wooden cloud with little white raindrops hanging down by clear fishing line. On the cloud was written “When it Rains, it Pours.” Isn’t that darn saying just so true?
Zephyr went to the doc today… Again. Another ear infection, same ear. Poor kid. But it’s a good thing we haven’t left yet because there are no Kaiser’s anywhere along the southern coast. Not that we couldn’t take him to a walk-in clinic, but it is nice to see the doc that knows Zeph. Other than a sick little guy, we’ve had some weird tax stuff from 2010 pop up that had to be resolved, the Moho got solar panels installed, and the list goes on.
There are some great things about not yet being on the road, like more time with loved ones here. Zeph and I have been riding around the kitchen on our bikes

I have been accompanying my father-in-law to Costco.

We got to go to our good friends Mikey and Kayla’s spectacular wedding.

Our dear friend Marisa dropped off some surprise artwork for the Moho yesterday. She’s extremely talented and has a great eye for all things lovely.

Zephyr has gotten to spend some time with his favorite babysitter, Kylie. Kylie, if you are reading this, Z asks for you everyday. “Kyeee?”


That’s a shot of Chris and me at Mikey and Kayla’s wedding. We clean up alright.

  • i obviously love everything about this post, particularly the shout out (YAY!) and also the AMAZING Ramos House photos. I love the idea of you doing restaurant reviews of your travels. YES. PS – WHAT ARE THOSE CONVERSE GIVE THEM TO ME! xoxo

    • Dude you bought those cons for me! Should have gotten yourself a pair too.