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We’re Not in California Anymore, Toto | zephyr sunrise

We’re Not in California Anymore, Toto

We are finally FINALLY really out on the road, beginning our year long (give or take a month or two) journey. After four months of planning, moving, and testing things out, we are on the move! We are five days in, and have already made unforgettable memories and hit a few road bumps. Our first night was spent at the Palms River Resort in Needles, CA. Itwas like a really nice mobile home park with some spaces for RVs. We didn’t think Zeph would do too well on the road for 7 or 8 hours to our first major stop in Arizona so Needles was a good halfway point. And bonus: we got to go in the Colorado River before we left the next day!


Back on the road, we headed to Williams, Arizona. This is the home of the Grand Canyon Railway. When I was about nine, I rode this train with my grandparents (and their matching splatter painted MC Hammer style baggy pants with elastic waistbands) and my aunt, uncle and cousins. I remember the pants my grandparents wore (it’s more of a disturbing mental scar), and my grandpa getting bit in the butt by a squirrel at the canyon. Other than that, I didn’t remember much. Zephyr loves trains and this was one of our main reasons for taking the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon instead of driving straight to the canyon.


Zeph seemed to enjoy the train, and could have cared less about the vast and grand views of the canyon.

The next morning at our RV site was cold! Everything was covered in a light dusting of frost. And sadly, one of our neighbor’s RV had caught on fire in the middle of the night. I guess they had a little propane heater that they were running in the salon of their coach. Everyone made it out safe, but their Moho is beyond repair. What a sight. We will NOT be using our propane heater indoors as we planned.


That brings us to today… We are held up in Flagstaff. Zephyr has hives from the medication he was on for his last ear infection. More of him is covered in red blotches than not. Poor little guy! He doesn’t seem to be bothered by them but as a mom my heart breaks a little everytime I see the horrible red spots on his belly, back, legs, diaper area, and now his face and hands. We took him to an urgent care this morning to figure out the cause of the bumps. This urgent care was the nicest one I’ve ever been to. Hardwood floors, nice leather seats and a big screen tv in the waiting room, super friendly and efficient staff and a caring Dr who goes by his first name (Allen). I was so impressed!
On top of Z’s crazy rash, one of the slides on our Moho will not close all the way. Currently the three of us are sittin in the CRV in the parking lot of the RV repair shop, waiting for the slide to be fixed. We did have a little time to explore the mall across the street.

And Santa was there! How could we resist?

What a family portrait!
Oh, I forgot: when we were in Williams we went to Bearizona! This is basically a rescue center for bears, wolves, sheep, rams and other animals who are found injured. They have the park set up Jurassic Park style… All the animals are separated into different pens, and you drive trough the park in your car (with the windows up and the doors locked) to see them roam. We saw HUGE bison, lots of black bears, lazy wolves, and the most entertaining of the animals: the big horn rams. They mozied down to our car to check out the bike rack. The big daddy of the group was quite intimidating!


Somewhere in the middle of all this was a trip to Walmart in Flagstaff (more killing time waiting for the Moho to be fixed). Either I don’t know enough about our local Walmart, or we are not in California anymore!

Onwards and upwards! Hopefully we will make it to our next destination tonight and enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am so thankful for our health (even the rash, which in the realm of sickness is no big deal) and the two men I get to travel this country with. Happy Thanksgiving loved ones!


  • Kate Stellman

    Ok I’m obsessed with you guys!!! SO jealous and SO impressed its not even funny!!! I can’t wait to continue on this journey with you three!!! Keep em coming! Love and miss u!!! WHAT a great adventure