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More Pictures of Recent Adventures – City of Rocks, NM | zephyr sunrise

More Pictures of Recent Adventures – City of Rocks, NM

city of rocksWe are posted up in Uncle Dusty’s driveway, after a little stint at City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico. It feels good to be with family. We got to see my ninety-five year old  (she says she tells everyone she doesn’t remember how old she is) Nana (dad’s mom) tonight. Although she repeats a few stories here and there, she’s pretty sharp. She kept covering the sharp corner of the coffee table with her hand when Zephyr would come close so he wouldn’t bump his head on it. Guess after six of her own kids, that might be second nature. Instinct. And he kept stepping on her shoes. She said “it’s ok, I don’t mind” when I’d try and pull him off. She kept calling us nomads, saying we were like our great grandparents (I think she meant her and my grandfather, Tommy, not our great grandparents). They moved around and traveled quite a bit so I hear. They did spend a good chunk of time living in El Paso, four of her children were born here. Dusty took me in his backyard and pointed in different directions saying “two miles this way is Mexico, 300 yards that way is New Mexico, a mile and a half this way is the house we lived in as children.” (Side note: the house they lived in in El Paso, called Casa de Paz, was

A little bike ride to see the view of the "city"

A little bike ride to see the view of the “city”

designed by Frank Lloyd Wright… just a little tidbit of family history for you). I learned that they had lots of dogs, including a great poodle named Gigi and my dad had a retriever named Molly. I love learning about family history like this! I could soak this stuff up all day. Last time we were in El Paso was in April, with a whole pack of family members (twenty-five or so) to celebrate Nana’s ninety-fifth birthday. Zephyr was about ten months old at the time. Between all the family and having my little baby on his first trip out of the norm, I didn’t get to spend too much time with Uncle Dusty and Aunt Bebe. So today was a real treat for me to just sit with them in their open living room, with the fire going, watching Dusty teach Zeph to wait while a ball is rolled to him so he can kick it, and just chat about life and get caught up on all of my cousins’ lives and hear stories of the generation before me. I took absolutely zero pictures of our reunion today, but will be better about it tomorrow. Below are some pics of our time at City of Rocks.