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Out in the West Texas Town – El Paso, TX | zephyr sunrise

Out in the West Texas Town – El Paso, TX

We are enjoying El Paso and our family so much I forgot about the blog! In fact, we’ve delayed leaving more than once. We keep joking with Uncle Dusty and Aunt Bebe that we are just gonna stay in their driveway forever. They are such warm people, welcoming us into their home and driveway without a thought, letting us take over their bathroom/washer and dryer/kitchen/TV/backyard/electricity with their 50amp hook-up in their driveway. They are generous beyond what we could ask or imagine. A really neat part of this is that they too once lived in and traveled in their RV, so they can anticipate our needs and offer everything they have to share before we even realize what a blessing it would be to have those things! Being around family is just so cool. Dusty gave us a tour of El Paso “Sullivan style” so I could see where my dad and his siblings grew up, and where they used to hang out and cause trouble. This last week or so in El Paso has blessed my heart beyond anything I expected. To be with my dad’s mom and listen to her memories and stories is a precious time that I know I may not have again this side of Heaven. So I am soaking all the love here up with my sponge of a heart and will leave El Paso sad to say good-bye but a better, more full and positive person for my time here. Thank you, Uncle Dusty and Aunt Bebe, for sharing your time and your passions and your home and your love with us. We will be back!

One of our favorite adventures thus far has been our visit to White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. It’s about an hour drive from El Paso. My dad, Dusty and the rest of their family used to go there as kids and I’ve seen pictures over the years of my aunts and uncles running across the big white dunes, so this visit had extra meaning and family history for me. It was about 70 degrees, but the sand was damp and chilly, so we were a little cold when we first got there. Walking up the sandy hill the first time warmed us up right away though.

Chris and Dusty are headed to opening day at Sunland Park racetrack shortly… couldn’t have timed our visit better on that! And cousin Melissa is supposed to pop in for a visit from Austin late tonight. For now the plan is to continue our journey east tomorrow, but who knows, maybe we will stay one more day…