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Orlando: Part I | zephyr sunrise

Orlando: Part I

Cruising the campground trail at Lake Whippoorwill KOA in Orlando, FL

Cruising the campground trail at Lake Whippoorwill KOA in Orlando, FL

Zeph running after Mom, who he calls "Money" because he can't say "Mima"

Zeph running after Mom, who he calls “Money” because he can’t say “Mima” which is what the rest of her grandkids call her


Well it feels like it’s been awhile since I posted anything on here. We’ve just been having too much fun! After Ron and Kath flew home, we had four days to get from Pensacola to Orlando. This is like driving from home to Mammoth. It’s around an eight hour drive, which isn’t too bad, but we try and keep our drive time to no more than four or five hours a day so Zeph doesn’t go crazy in his carseat in the Moho. We stayed an extra night at Fort Pickens (we really really loved it there) and then drove to Tallahassee. Now, we only saw this town from the freeway, and based on that there was really nothing cool to see. We stayed at a KOA overnight there (probably the worst one we’ve been to… it rained all day and when we got to the campground their roads and campsites were unpaved so we were driving through and parking in mud) and left town to head south to Orlando pretty early the next morning.

Chris had a trip to Vegas scheduled for a trade show for work, which is why my mom came out for two weeks… the first week so Zeph and I wouldn’t be lonely, and the second week so we could all go to Disney World together (more on that next time). The KOA we stayed at for the first week of Mom’s trip was on Lake Whippoorwill. This was a great campground!

Z swingin' on the playground at the KOA, pool and lake in background

Z swingin’ on the playground at the KOA, pool and lake in background

We stayed in spot D1, which was right in front of the water and next to the pool. You couldn’t swim in the lake (unless you wanted to be lunch for an alligator), but the pool was clean and heated and no one really went in so we had the run of it. The people who run this campground were really friendly and the facilities were clean. The campground store was really cute, someone who works there makes all sorts of quilts and sells them. And the location was nice. About ten minutes from the airport, and not even a mile from my new favorite grocery stores, Publix markets.

Zeph and "Money" playin' outside the Moho

Zeph and “Money” playin’ outside the Moho

Orlando is a weird city. There’s not really a “downtown” as you would find in LA or San Diego or other major cities. No few blocks of streets crowded with tall buildings. Nothing like that. It’s a very spread out city, everything seems to be centered around Disney World (big surprise). The tallest buildings are hotels and there’s not an area where they are all clustered together. I got to explore the city a bit, running errands while Mom watched Zeph. We also went shopping a few days (Premium Outlets were not so premium – yuck!) and the Mall of Florida (very large and pretty decent indoor mall). Basically that first week Mom was here and Chris was gone we stayed pretty close to the Moho. I’ve been trying to make more meals… did pulled pork in the crockpot one night from a recipe I found on Pinterest.com and an apple coleslaw I found on foodnetwork.com, and made up my own mexican spice chicken recipe one night with sides of quinoa and an easy broccoli recipe also found on Pinterest (love that site). And just as I started to get cocky and think of my cooking abilities in terms of words like “creative” and “prowess” I was humbled back into reality with an eggtastrophe.



I had made pancakes on the griddle over the stove (coconut pecan banana chocolate chip pancakes, nonetheless) and decided I could scramble eggs on the griddle too. Now, this was not my first attempt at scrambling eggs on the griddle. I had tried about a month ago and things went awry so Chris had to step in and show me how it was done (he is actually a great cook). But I thought I had learned all there was to learn from my first attempt, and poured those seven scrambled eggs down on the flat hot griddle. And that’s when the eggs hit the fan. Or the stove. Or everything. Basically I had too many eggs pouring too fast and they ran right off that griddle down onto the stove and all over. My thoughts of cooking prowess and kitchen royalty slid down the side of the cupboards below the stove and onto the floor with the uncooked eggs. What a mess! It took two attempts to get everything cleaned up, and we are just now not smelling overcharred eggs when we light the stove… over a week later. So here am I, humbled once again into the reality that I am no Julia Childs, Rachael Ray, or Barefoot Contessa. I am just Erin. I can bake. But me and cooking actual non-sugar food are still a bit at odds. Don’t worry, I’m not throwing in the dishtowel yet!

One more thing: we are so excited to announce the birth of our NIECE, miss Violet Grace. Chris’s sister Noel, Dom, Caleb and Zoe welcomed her into the world last week and we can’t wait to get up to BC to meet her.

Stay tuned for an update on our week at Disney World. It was awesome and I am exhausted from six days of theme parks! We’ll be moving on from Orlando tomorrow… back to the beach. We can’t stay away from it for too long or we feel like the land is crushing us! That’s a bit dramatic, I admit, but it makes for more interesting reading. 🙂 So long for now, faithful readers.

love Z's face in this pic

love Z’s face in this pic

  • Kathy Adams

    Fantastic narrative 🙂 can’t wait to read all about DisneyWorld!

  • Noel

    Your dinners look yummy!! To bad about the egg mess 🙁 Trial and error is how you become a good cook. Soak up some of that Sunshine for us. Love you and miss you.

  • PaPa

    I told Kathy that you could be a travel writer. You have a nice easy style and I relly enjoy it. More often, PLEASE.
    Love Papa

  • Allie

    Great pics!