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Fun Info Update: Things We’ve Seen So Far | zephyr sunrise

Fun Info Update: Things We’ve Seen So Far

rv at thornhill broome
We’ve been on the road since November 17, 2012. I (Erin) thought I’d post some interesting facts and almost facts about our trip thus far…

Cheapest Gas Prices We’ve Seen: $2.88 somewhere in Louisiana

Best Freeway Roads: Florida (very well-maintained, and they’d better be with all those tolls!)

Worst Freeway Roads: I’d say Los Angeles, CA, (don’t ever drive on the 405 south at night while they are rebuilding the Mulholland Bridge!) but since we didn’t take the Moho up there on this particular trip, I’ll go with Texas (not all of Texas, but there were some pretty bumpy lanes for awhile there).

Number of Places We’ve Stayed At Least One Night: As of Feb 28, 24 campgrounds/parks/RV resorts

Longest Time in One Place: 10 days (Just north of Key West, FL at Bluewater Key RV Resort)

Shortest Time in One Place: 20 minutes (Fiesta Key RV Park – don’t stay there)

Favorite Campsite Thus Far: Fort Pickens (Pensacola Beach, FL) or Fort De Soto (St Petersburg, FL)

Smallest Park We’ve Stayed At: Sea Rim State Park, Port Arthur, TX (looked like there was only room for three rigs or so, but they are opening more soon)

Biggest Park We’ve Stayed At: Sun N Fun RV Resort (more like city), Sarasota, FL. More than 1500 RV campsites!

Gallons of Gas We’ve Purchased: A lot. 100s. Like maybe 500. And that’s just for the RV. We have the Honda CRV, too, but aren’t really keeping track of those gallons.

Miles We’ve Traveled: A lot. Oh, you want a number? Probably in the 12000 range

Average Miles Per Gallon So Far: 7.5… on a good day in the Moho.

Longest Trip in a Day: 8 hours of drive time (from Needles, CA to Grand Canyon, AZ)

Shortest Trip in a Day: 20 minutes of drive time (from Turtle Beach to Sun N Fun – Sarasota, FL)

Coldest Place We’ve Stayed: Williams, AZ (below freezing at night)

Warmest Place We’ve Stayed: Bluewater Key RV Resort, just north of Key West (84 degrees with a lot of humidity)

Friendliest People: Florida, but most of the ones we’ve met aren’t actually Floridians, but snowbirds from all around the US and Canada

Biggest Concentration of Snowbirds From: Ohio and Quebec, Canada

Friendliest Campground: Turtle Beach, Siesta Key, FL

Most Times We’ve Eaten at the Same Restaurant: Sun Garden Cafe – Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL (five times – we like our breakfast), second place tie between Kaya Island Eats (two words: yellowtail snapper) – Saddlebunch Keys north of Key West, and Sub Zero Ice Cream (one word: custard!)- Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL (three times each). Honorable Mention: Riviera – El Paso, TX (two times). We miss those southwest chilies!

Times We’ve Eaten at a Cracker Barrel on the Road: Six or so. They have RV parking at every location so it’s an easy stop, and the food is pretty decent.

Restaurant We’ve Seen the Most of But Have Yet to Eat There: W A F F L E H O U S E (anyone ever eaten there? I’m kinda afraid…)

Most States in the Shortest Amount of Time: Three states in one day – Mississippi, Alabama and Florida

Longest Time Spent in One State: FLORIDA… what? It’s warm! We spent exactly three months there.

Zeph’s favorite place: any beach with soft sand and water

Zeph’s word for “Moho:” he calls it the “FoFo” which we’ve decided to officially name our rolling turd house on wheels home.

Zeph’s favorite thing to do in the Moho: “drive” (sit in the driver’s seat and look out the window) or roll his trains under the bathroom door or pull out every toy we have and then read a book, or eat yogurt. The kid has a yogurt dependency.

Chris’s favorite Moho Hobbies: producing electronic music (DJCad is alive and well), researching places to stay, getting the satellite cable to work, taking pictures from the Moho roof, swimming with Zeph

Erin’s favorite Moho Hobbies: eating ice cream, blogging, taking pictures with her phone, getting Zeph and Chris to drink smoothies with weird veggies in them (watercress, kale, avocado – throw in a banana and you can’t taste the greens!), baking weird cookies that involve almond butter

Things that are the same as back home: daily life. Cooking. Dishes. Laundry. Teaching Zeph stuff. Changing diapers.

Things that are different than they are back home: Talking to strangers. Eating interesting food. Lots and lots of family time. Having a different view every few days or so. Learning where the grocery store is every few days or so. Navigating that new grocery store (no two grocery stores are alike).

That’s all for now. If you are curious about our current travels or want to know about our adventure shoot us a comment or email.

Happy Travels!
Chris, Erin and Zephyr

  • Ron

    Wow,very very, impressive . How many times have you dumped the brown water.

    • zephyrsunrise

      Pops: too many times!!!! 🙂

  • Laura Glynn

    HooRAY that you’re stopping at the Cracker Barrel. What a novelty. I think you should muster the courage to go to the Waffle House. I, myself, have never been but I’ve heard they’re a must try. That is, after you stop for…well, you know, peanuts.

    • zephyrsunrise

      Laura we finally saw a boiled peanut stand! We couldn’t stop though, our rig was too big to squeeze into the dirt parking lot. But we keep looking for more! Will let you know if we ever brave Waffle House. 🙂

  • Dad

    I love the towels hanging off the door knob and awning. You are real road warriors…..or trailer trash.
    It is a very cool thing you are doing, especially the family time.

    • zephyrsunrise

      Thanks Dad… Trailer trash all the way!!

  • Lo

    Must try Waffle House! Fun facts kids:). Miss ya!

    • zephyrsunrise

      Lo we will let u know when we get desperate/brave enough 🙂

      • Lo

        Just do it for the experience. It’s a southern staple. Don’t be skeered. But I can understand why you would be;). Safe travels. Luvs ya’ll.

  • zephyrsunrise

    Erin hasn’t been to a Waffle House but I (Chris) have been. I think it was in Ohio and it was super humid with low clouds…or wait…I was inside the restaurant!!!

    • Lo

      Ewwww! I did not have that experience. Gnarly. Happy Easter!

  • Allie

    Love it! I want to know about savannah and any stops in n Carolina or s Carolina! I want pics and stories. I’ve always wanted to go there. Just got back from my Catalina science camp trip with my students. That’s my adventure. 🙂

    • zephyrsunrise

      Sounds like a good adventure Allie! I’m like 4 blogs behind so we will be posting info on savannah and charleston soon!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this list – i love a good list blog post. Also – WAFFLE HOUSE IS DELISH. Seriously. And i don’t eat meat, so you know that’s saying something. It’s not good for you by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s GOOD.

    • zephyrsunrise

      I think your Christmas list blog inspired this one subconsciously. Ok ok, we will try Waffle House!