Calico Tanks Trail & Scrambling at Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

We’ve been back in California for nearly a month now. Since our return I have been trying to get outside and explore as much as possible. Erin and I were able to get out-of-town to Las Vegas where we were looking forward to some time at the Mandalay Bay Spa and even more-so some time in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Red Rock Canyon is super close to the Las Vegas Strip and offers some of the best day hiking and scrambling in the west. This place has something for everyone from mellow 1-2 mile canyon hikes to 4,000-6,000ft vertical peak bagging delights.

We opted for a short hike up to Calico Tanks Trail. This is a short trail consisting of just a few miles with mild scrambling to get to the top where the “tanks” are a few natural pools that collect rainwater. From the top of the trail you can see the Las Vegas Strip in the distance. After the up and back trail we decided to scramble to the top of a few mini-peaks. Here are a few pictures of the Calico Tanks Trail and the scrambling area surrounding the trail. You could easily spend 1-2 hours knocking out one short trail or all day on a 12-15 miler or a combination of half a dozen short hikes mixed in with random scrambling.

Don’t miss this place if you happen to be heading to Vegas, baby.