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Arizona | zephyr sunrise

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Fun Info Update: Things We’ve Seen So Far

We’ve been on the road since November 17, 2012. I (Erin) thought I’d post some interesting facts and almost facts about our trip thus far… Cheapest Gas Prices We’ve Seen: $2.88 somewhere in Louisiana Best Freeway Roads: Florida (very well-maintained, and they’d better be with all those tolls!) Worst Freeway Roads: I’d say Los Angeles,…

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The Old, The Really Old & The Inevitable Future – Southern Arizona

We’ve been driving through the Southeastern portion of Arizona on our way to El Paso to see Erin’s Uncle Dusty. We have been taking our time to make sure we have time to soak in the local culture a bit and see the sites. On this leg we managed to find an interesting dichotomy between…

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Sedona, I Think I Love You

Sedona from the airport overlook So far, on our extensive (sarcasm) ten day trip, if I had to stay somewhere for good it would be Sedona. The red rock formations all around the town/city (not sure which one it qualifies as, population 16,000 or so) are so beautiful. Different times of the day the shadows…

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We’re Not in California Anymore, Toto

We are finally FINALLY really out on the road, beginning our year long (give or take a month or two) journey. After four months of planning, moving, and testing things out, we are on the move! We are five days in, and have already made unforgettable memories and hit a few road bumps. Our first…

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